Iphone 5s Mobile Covers: Are They worth It


Mobile covers offer a lot of advantages to the person using them. Earlier, people used to avoid using mobile covers on their handsets because the covers added to the weight of the phone and also, not all phones were touch screen back then, there were normal phones too with real keypad instead of the virtual one.

However, with the popularity of touch screen phones being on an all time high, the iphone 5s mobile covers and other mobile covers as well are gaining importance. Users of Smartphones now buy mobile covers right after they buy a new phone. But are mobile covers worth it?

The price Mobile covers like silicon mobile covers do not come for a high price; they in fact come for a very nominal price. Theiphone 5s mobile covers are available in silicon, metal, plastic and other such materials. The price of covers may even go a little higher than a couple of hundred but the price is still nothing compared to price that you would have to spend to get the screen replaced.

The protection

Protection that mobile covers offer is one central reason why people buy mobile covers for iphone, which are a rather expensive gadget. The iphone 5s mobile covers offer protection to the sleek iphone 5s that has a built that can easily get scratches and dents from keys, metals and from accidental drop/fall.

First impact

The mobile covers take the first impact of any accident involving your phone. The first impact is often the most dangerous one which is why it is important to have an added layer of security.


Mobile covers are useful but they are fun too. There are exclusive handmade mobile covers with handwork and craftwork, there are also plain plastic/silicon mobile covers, as well as printed mobile covers that carry fun prints and come in a number of colors.

Dust and scratch

The mobile covers protect the back of the phone from getting scratches and also do not allow dust to settle on the back surface of the phone.


Mobile covers with side bumpers or covering can protect the side upon fall or drop. The sides have home button, sound button and can enhance or ruin the look of a phone.

Heat Resistance

Not all mobile covers but some of them sure do resist heat, like the silicon mobile covers that have low thermo conductivity which allows them to not dissipate heat to the phone.

Mobile covers are certainly worth it, I think a wise mobile phone user must have three mobile accessories with him/her all the time- power bank 10000mah for power back up, mobile cover for protection and tempered glass screen guard for protection of the Smartphone screen.

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