Short Cut Your Book’s Success with Self-Publishing


Do you wonder about how and where to publish your book? Maybe you think that it would be great to be taken under a publisher’s wings–for them to promote your book. it wouldn’t be so much work and wouldn’t take any money up front.Sad to say, this assumption is not true. Reality: Agent, publishers, and big talk shows like Oprah will choose only 1-2% of proposals submitted. And the author’s work that goes into queries and proposals is immense and time consuming.You can Short Cut Your Book’s Success with Self-Publishing. First, get a model for writing a great chapter–one that your reader cannot put down. Then, learn from the long-time book pros more about self-publishing.Know that the costs are far less than you think.

Self publishing over 13 books on these topics cost me no more than $500 for print models and nothing for the eBooks that are printable and downloadable. Your audience is used to buying Online and will visit your web site to buy and gladly print your book around 120 pages or less. You putting your ebook in a PDF (portable document format) is one way to publish it. You are the publisher and your web site is your store. You will get all the profits.Self-publishing  will put you in charge to make suitable and favorable writing, publishing and promotion decisions.If you don’t want to do it all, get a little help from professionals! Entrepreneurial experts such as book coaches, book designers, and eBook specialists can guide you through to publishing success.

These people may give teleseminars, small group coaching experiences, or offer their book as an inexpensive way for you to learn the ropes. These pros will shorten your learning curve too, so you get the right help right away to write the right book right away. In turn, you can sell your book faster, and increase your cash flow to participate more in the promotion.When you think you still have to promote your books, even witha publisher, why not keep most of the profits and do some of thework yourself? Learn from your coach’s experiences, “Do What You Do Best-and Hire the Rest!” (That doesn’t mean you can’tbarter for services). Check out the methods below and see which one suits you best, is more rewarding, and far moreprofitable.

On Print Books–Print on Demand Two Ways1. Hire the Publisher/Printer yourself to just print your book from your word file. Companies like will put your files into Portable Document Format (PDF) to sell on your web site or another site you choose to sell your books. A complete explanation of these opportunities are included in the “How to Write your eBook or Other Short Book–Fast!” For Deharts and a few other publishers (we call it Print on Demand–POD) you keep all of your book’s rights and once your pay from $4-$7 per book, depending on the length, you get the books delivered to you and you get to keep all of the profits. They will print small runs of your book such as 100-500 copies. Note from you bookcoach.

Don’t print more books than you can sell in three months. This helps your cash flow and will keep your promotion going.Without marketing and promotion you book will die on the vine. The advantages? The author is in charge of the book, takes delivery, and will provide a web site where he or she will sell the book. Then, you keep 100% of the profits. The process takes about 6-8 weeks, although it can be faster. Another benefit is that you can start selling your book in 6 weeks rather than 12-18 months with traditional publishing. You get immediate sales to increase your cash flow.If f you sell your book on your web site, you will make at least 93% of the profits after you pay your credit card merchant such as Pay Pal or Click Bank.

2. Hire Full-Service Print on Demand Publisher/Printers who each charge you an up front fee to set up. They too take your word files and put into Portable Document Format. They may even format your book and provide a cover for you.  For a fee from $500-$800, these companies will give you an ISBN number if you plan to sell your book on someone else’s web site or in a brick and mortar bookstore. They will list you in These companies offer you their Web site to sell your book. But again, the author must learn about Internet marketing (article marketing) from a good coach or book to get targeted potential buyers to the book web site. The downside? Check to see if you need these services.

You don’t need an ISBN # if you sell from your own web site. You probably won’t sell your book in a brick and mortar book store. It’s a lot of work and you can’t compete with big publishers.Think about your book and where your best market is. Opinions from Dan Poynter, John Kremer, and myself say, “Bookstores are a lousy place to sell books.” Walk ins are not looking for an unknown author’s book. Other choices is the world wide web, because books are the # one seller there. Small business people want to buy all kinds of books and they will do it on the Web.The biggest down of this full-service Print on Demand  to me is no control over my book. Here, you must buy back each book from the printer/publisher at a wholesale price–almost half of what you will sell it for. So, your profits are limited.Buyer Beware: Before you buy any marketing packages from POD businesses, know that they won’t promote your book at all.

Consult a book and book marketing coach and learn how you can put together a simple plan and action steps that are mostly free. With article marketing you can become known world-wide. You write the articles and submit to article directories. Your audience goes to them to get free information and if they like your short pieces, thousands will visit your book selling site each day, and with the right sales message, many will buy. Self Publishing with eBooksIf you write an eBook, here are some of the benefits:You…Make all the money, can make ongoing, passive profits for life, spend much less time writing and promoting, retain total control, share your unique, important message with 1000’s daily, build your email client base and credibility, reach your target audience easily and distribute yourself, spend less money and have more cash flow, finish your book within 30 days, make ongoing, passive profits for life, can update your book when it needs it, gain trust, credibility, friends, and adventure, and become the savvy expert in your field.

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